Will Kidnap Girl For You If Your Proposal Is Rejected, BJP MP Ram Kadam Tells Boys In Mumbai

Maharashtra BJP MLA Ram Kadam found himself in a spot after a video of him telling boys that he would kidnap girl for them if their proposal for marriage was rejected. The video, recorded during a Dahi Handi festival in Ghatkopar, was put out on Twitter by NCP MLA Jitendra Awhad.

However, Kadam has denied making any such statement claiming he was quoted out of context.

The Indian Express quoted Kadam as saying, “You can call me.. if you call me saying I have proposed a girl and need your help.. I will definitely help you.. I will call your parents and ask them…If they say they like that girl then… I will kidnap that girl and give it you.. now take my number.”

He later told ANI that if there was something objectionable in his speech, the several journalists present at the event would have pointed it out.

He also said it was done by the Opposition to make him look bad.

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