Black Bear Wanders Into The Hotel That Inspired ‘The Shining’

The Stanley Hotel in the Rocky Mountains is most famed for inspiring Stephen King’s The Shining, the basis of the typical 1980 film. A great deal of weird matters materialize in that Stanley Kubrick horror flick. A torrent of blood usually takes the elevator, a pair of creepy twin girls haunts the hallways, and a dude in a furry bear go well with helps make an, er, unforgettable visual appearance.

So perhaps the black bear that wandered into the lobby of the nonetheless-working Estes Park, Colorado, lodge this 7 days was making an attempt to make things bizarre all over again.

You can see in the staff video clip previously mentioned that the bear performs all over on the household furniture for a bit but then quickly leaves. Hotel manager Reed Rowley advised Denver’s CBS4 that it occurred overnight Wednesday and that no company were being all over.

“We do have a hotel next to a nationwide park,” Rowley reported. “Wildlife is section of the gig.”

The hotel aims to be respectful of the encompassing wildlife, Rowley claimed, but it never ever desires a guest to face a bear in the lodge foyer ― a very good coverage ― so it is doing work with Colorado Parks and Wildlife to achieve that intention.

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